Important information


FM&NT-2020 will be held in Vilnius, Lithuania, on November 23 – 26, 2020.

We warmly welcome all participants and guests who will attend the 13th international conference Functional Materials and Nanotechnologies 2020 – FM&NT2020. The FM&NT conference series was started in 2006 by scientists of the Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia. Since 2013 FM&NT conferences turned over a new page – becoming a common conference of all three Baltic countries. Now it is being organized periodically by the ISSP of University of Latvia, University of Tartu, and Vilnius University. This conference bringing together researchers from the Baltic states and whole world. The warm and open atmosphere of this scientific conference has turned it into event where people from rather different research fields meet under the common name functional materials and nanotechnology. It is particularly important for early stage scientists who are looking for new knowledge and contacts with other researchers to build up own network. We are happy that succeeded bringing graduate students from Baltic and other countries together. In year 2015, FM&NT conference for first time was in Vilnius. Now, after five years, it’s time to visit Lithuania again. The conference topics include: Optical materials; Nanocomposites and ceramics; Thin films and coatings; Energy harvesting and storage; Electronic and photonic devices and yet more. The invited speakers from countries closer and further from Lithuania will review a state of art studies in different hot topics. We hope that continuation of the tradition that FM&NT conferences take place each year in different Baltic states will strengthen international cooperation of scientists from all Baltic states and researchers from other countries and increases visibility of research achievements. We invite researchers to take part in this beautiful conference!