Invited speakers

The confirmed invited speakers (in alphabetical order):

Prof. Maria A. Diaz-Garcia (Nanostructured thin-film organic lasers for sensing applications)
Prof. Vladimir Dyakonov (Perovskite Solar Cells)
Dr. chem. Donats Erts (Bi2Te3 and Bi2Se3 nanostructures: synthesis, topological insulator and thermoelectric properties)
Prof Robert A. Evarestov (Thermodynamic Properties of Nanotubes: Zone-Folding Approach)
Prof. Mario G. S. Ferreira (Active Corrosion Protection by Nanoparticles and Conversion Films of Layered Double Hydroxides)
Prof. Sergey A. Gavrilov (Porous anodic oxides as model matrices for synthesis and investigation of 1-D nanostructures)
Dr. Torsten Gutmann (Application of dynamic nuclear polarization as a powerful tool for structure determination of functionalized nanomaterials)
Dr.phys. Alexei Kuzmin (Validation of material models using x-ray absorption spectroscopy)
Prof. Philippe Lambin (Elastic properties of graphene: a short review)
Prof. Saulius Marcinkevičius (Scanning Near-Field Optical Spectroscopy of GaN-based Materials, Nanostructures and Devices)
Prof. Jorge Morgado (Novel conjugated polymers for photovoltaics and hydrogen photogeneration)
Prof. Ronald Österbacka (Paper Electronics Using Environmentally Friendly Devices)
Dr. Rainer Pärna (Estonian-Finnish Beamline for Materials Science at MAX-IV Synchrotron Radiation research center)
Dr. Marina N. Popova (Optical Spectroscopy of Huntite Multiferroics)
Dr. Arvydas Ruseckas (Dynamics of Charge Carrier Generation and Recombination in Organic Photovoltaic Solar Cells)
Dr. Andrei Salak (Metastable Perovskite Multiferroics)
Prof. Väino Sammelselg (New carbon and oxide based protective and anti-corrosion nanocoatings)
Prof. Andris Sternberg (Fusion – challenging issue on the agenda of Europe’s long-term energy strategy)
Dr. phys. Anatolijs Šarakovskis (Upconversion luminescence in rare-earth doped oxyfluoride materials)
Dr. Gunnar Suchaneck (Nondestructive evaluation of embedded piezoelectric transducers by thermal wave and pulse methods)
Prof. Sigitas Tamulevičius (Reactive magnetron sputtering deposition and applications of diamond like carbon based nanocomposites)
Prof. Marina Tyunina (Obscure effects of epitaxy on ferroelectric properties)

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