Travel information

The main airports are in Vilnius (VNO) and Kaunas (KUN) cities. The direct flights are available from all main cities in Europe as well as from any bigger city in the world with just one or a few connecting flights through the main international airports in Europe: Copenhagen, Prague, Riga, Frankfurt, etc.

Getting to Vilnius center from the International Vilnius airport
Vilnius Airport (“Oro uostas” in Lithuanian) is just 7 km (12 min by car) away from Vilnius Old Town. Please find the distance in the map.

Taxi service
ONLINE TAXI ORDER FORM IS CLOSED. To order a taxi or in case of change in your arrival time please call +370 626 66667 (A2B taxi service company).

For your convenience the Conference Secretariat will be at your disposal for a taxi service reservation for reaching your hotel or any other place in Vilnius centre starting the September 2015. In order to reserve a taxi please contact a Secretariat by e-mail

More information about the taxi service is available here.

How to reach Vilnius center by bus
No. 1 – to the railway station, runs every 30-50 minutes;
No. 2 – through the centre of the city, runs every 10-20 minutes;
No. 3G – through the centre of the city (Bus stops: Juozo Tumo-Vaižganto st, Žaliasis tiltas), runs every 10-20 minutes;
No. 88 – through the Old Town, runs every 20-30 minutes.
Bus times are available at bus stops or on the website
Tickets for buses can be bought on a bus or you can buy an electronic travel card at any newspaper kiosk.

Ticket prices:
– when it is bought on a bus – 1,00 €;
– when purchasing an electronic travel card, please double-check the ticket prices here.
For more information please visit Vilnius airport website.

How to reach Vilnius centre by train
Distance from the airport to Vilnius Railway station is about 5 km, the journey takes up to 8 minutes. Trains run approximately every 60 minutes. The routes and schedule can be found at Tickets can be purchased on the train or at Vilnius Railway Station. Ticket price – 0.72 €.

Lithuania has a well-developed network of roads. There are two European Highways, with branch lines, Via Baltica (Helsinki – Warsaw, part of the E67 Highway that runs to Warsaw and Prague) and West – East (Klaipeda – Moscow). The traffic is right hand in Lithuania.

Speed limits
– 50km/h in townships
– 80 km/h outside the townships
– 100/110/130 km/h on a highway according to a road type and season

Parking on pavement is forbidden unless the signs tell otherwise. Parking usually is paid, you can pay in the nearest parking meter. The payment value depends on the parking lot place.

Automatic gas stations serve customers all 24 hours. They accept cash in banknotes as well as credit cards.

There is a choice of international bus lines connecting Vilnius with other European cities. There are direct buses to Lithuania (Vilnius) from Belarus, Denmark, France, Italy, Germany, Norway, Latvia, Poland, Estonia, Russia, etc. Please find the routs and buy the tickets on the Lux Express website or on the Eurolines website.

Please do not hesitate to contact Conference Secretariat for any help regarding your travel to Lithuania. We stay at your disposal for any questions or requests you may have. 

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