Visa and Passport

To visit Lithuania, you must have a valid passport. A visa is required for citizens of countries that do not have visa – exempt agreements with Lithuania. Fully registered FM&NT-2015 participants, who require an invitation letter from the Migration Department under the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Lithuania may contact the Conference Secretariat to apply for the invitation letter. It is not obligatory for those who are going to take care of visa by themselves.

We kindly recommend you to consult with the empowered institutions in your country about the procedure and required documents before inquiring for the invitation letter.

Please find the list of the Embassies of the Republic of Lithuania.

When requesting for the invitation letter the following is required:

  1. Participant must be registered and fully covered participant’s fee.
  2. Documents to be submited to the secretariat:
    1. Fully filled information for the invitation letter questionaire in Word Document (.doc/ .docx) format. Click “Information for the invitation” to download the questionaire;
    2. Passport copy;
    3. Accommodation reservation confirmation in PDF format;

Please send your inquiries to FM&NT-2015 Conference Secretariat at We kindly remind you that your inquiry will be considered only if all the information corresponds and all the forms are received.

Invitation issued by the Organisers
In case invitation letter issued by the Conference Secretariat is sufficient to apply for visa, please contact us directly. Please note that participant must be registered and fully covered participant’s fee.

Required information:

  • Name / Surname
  • Arrival / departure dates

General Information
The foreigner, who is not a citizen of a European Union Member State and wants to enter the Republic of Lithuania and stay in it, must own a visa.
The foreigner, who owns a valid Schengen visa or national visa issued by other Schengen state, may enter the Republic of Lithuania and stay in it for a period indicated in a visa, but not exceeding 90 days in any period of 180 days.

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